Coffee Shop Business in the center of Tamarindo.

In front of the future parking of the Tamarindo Plaza Mall in downtown Tamarindo, great walkway. Currently the business offers Italian café and small homemade pastry, also offering lunch and dinner service with daily set menu. The price includes bench Italian brand craftsmanship bar IFI (December 2015), consisting of front bench with fridge and freezer, air-conditioned showcase, microwave oven, refrigerated wine cellar for storing food, the rear bench equipped with stainless steel sink, professional blender, professional juice extractor, internet wi-fi connection, professional Italian coffee machine brand ‘Sv Italian Italia modello antica levetta’ with water softener, automatic coffee grinder brand ‘Mazzer’, outdoor furniture consisting of 3 tables and 12 chairs. Business manageable by a single person or couple, good incomes.

Available on sale, activity + walls for 80.000$.

Renting price: $ 400 monthly
Expense Management: $ 400 monthly