In the spectacular setting of La Nucia, just a few minutes from the beautiful beaches of  Benidorm (3,5 km) and of the coast of Alicante (Costa Blanca), we sell a Limited company , that since 2018  has successfully manged a business of gastrobar, taperias, tortillas & Burgers.

Location: La Nucia is the Spanish municipality with the highest number of residential areas (there are about 77 neighboorhoods of attractive villas, apartments and residence of high standing). About 30.000 people live there, but during the summer season (April- November), people triple, as in the nearby Benidorm. The location is residential and about  60% of residents are foreigners with high purchasing power : Belgians, Netherlands, Norwegians, Germans and French and British. The municipality is the Spanish “city of sport”, with the best sport facilities in Spain. The best football, tennis, and swimming schools in Spain  can be found right here. It is absolutely another world, if we compare it to the foreign tourists visiting the nearby Benidorm.

The restaurant: the restaurant is perfectly located within the centre of the Shopping Center  “Plaza del sol” only 20 meters from an important pharmacy open 365 days a year  and only 40 meters from the entrance of the Hypermarket Mercadona attracting thousands of customers every day. All those who go to  or to the pharmacy go obligatorily through our space.

Only  200 meters from our restaurant there are two wonderful five star Hotels: Hotel Barcelo Nucia Hills and Hotel Barcelo Nucia Palms. These always opened  hotels bring hundreds of visitors to the shopping area. Just outside the hotels we have a local advertising sign, that attracts many hotel customers.

The restaurant is about 220 square meters distributed on two floors: on the first floor  there are two entrances: one entrance opens directly on the main road where there are the Pharmacy the Hypermarket and other commercial activities and  the other opens on a wonderful square that is a children playground always crowded throughout the year.

Capacity of the restaurant: in the two outdoor terraces there is a big space for 13 tables (52 seats), inside the Restaurant we can accomodate 6 seats at the counter and now 12 tables for a total of 48 seats. To date we have these numbers, because we respect the COVID health regulations that is : mandatory spacing of at least 150 cm between a table and another.

In 2020 the restaurant was completely renovated and has a large kitchen full of everything, 2 bathrooms one of which adapted for the disabled, as per current legislation. In the restaurant there are 3 refrigerators for drinks and ice creams, 2 refrigerated display cases, PC and  Cashlogy machine to count the receipts to never have cash problems,  2 large 45 inch screens for advertising, product photos and  culinary innovations,  Illy espresso machine a tap for Estrella Galicia tap beer, the best beer in Spain and the various machines to receive home delivery orders GLOVO, JUST EAT & UBER EAT.  Of course, as we told before, our kitchen is complete with new furniture including a extractor hood,  fryer, plate, oven, professional glasswasher and dishwashers, freezers and refrigerators.

The furniture of the restaurant is completed with the wonderful paintings of the artist Anubis Simanca and air conditioning in the whole space.

At the bottom of the room, used as a warehouse, there are 2 500 liter freezers, 2 refrigerators, 3  125  motorcycles  for the home delivery service.

Of course, the restaurant is equipped with an alarm system, high-speed wi-fi also for customers, 2 telephone lines for home delivery or take- away orders for Tortillas and for Burgers , PC with program AGORA, the best on the market for catering.

As we are treating a sale, you can immediately check:

Our financial statements certified by auditors for the first 4 years of activity (always in profit)

The cash flow from the bank account of the company

Any insolvency procedures or unpaid invoices (of course, there are not)·      Monthly billing and an history of  the AGORA program.

  • The rental agreement was signed 2020 for ten years  and for only 1100€ per month. Even if we sell our company, the rent will not increase, because members and administrators will change but the company will continue to operate as before.
  • The value of goodwill and the Licenses   are absolutely in line with  our hundred of regular foreign costumers.
  • We estimate  the return on investment (ROI), based on average data of the last 4 years in about  16-18 months.

You can check the positive reviews of our restaurant TORTILLAS e BURGER ONE
on Trip Advisors or on the Just eat Program: dozens and dozens of five- star ratings.

The selling price of the company  (including the investment for the civil works performed,Licenses including home delivery License, take away License, Restaurant and outdoor Licenses, Customer base, the start-up, the new fornitures, the new household appliances, the new motorcycles, in short, everything that is present inside the restaurant) is € 285.000,00  The price is NOT negotiable, because we are convinced that it is a great price with a great discount, if we consider its billing and its return on investment start – up and current high customer base.

You have to pay the 50% upon signing the contract of compromise of sale and the remaining  50% on the notarial deed of sale of the shares of the company.

Apart from the dates, that you can check, apart from the restaurant, that you can visit, included in the price we also offer  our guide and assistance for 2 months to those who will buy the restaurant.  This means that we will work together with the new buyers for two months to make a “soft” transition.

Reluctantly and with great sadness  we sell our restaurant, but we are in NO hurry to sell it: it is very good, we sell it only because we members will move to the United States and WE ARE GOING TO OPEN A CHAIN OF RESTAURANTS WITH THE SAME CONCEPT OF THE RESTAURANT WE ARE SELLING. We are in no hurry but we decided to sell it only to serious investors or serious foreign families wanting to move to Spain to live there all year round. We rejected dozens of proposals from “local” buyers, because we want that our restaurant continues to have the success we gave it  in the last 4 years, because we think: “Never change a winning foreign team”.

Price: 285.000 EUR

Who is seriously interested can write an email to: and must mandatorily insert his/ her data and a mobile number for a callback. We will not respond to the mails without a mobile number or to people we think are not seriously interested in a serious, started and profitable business. To avoid any doubt: if you want to buy a business for 30.000  €  from a physical person ( that is the 90%  of sales in Spain), please do not write to us or if you want to ask for a discount or something like that, please do not write to us.

We are a serious and certified company with a very high reputation and we want you to respect our time. We are NOT real estates agents and we DO NOT want to talk with intermediares. We repeat: it is time lost, we are a well starter and high profitable company and we want to sell our beautiful restaurant.
For the residence permit of the buyer or the buyers we will help to obtain it as soon as you sign the contract of purchase and we will told you very quickly how to do it.

Then, see you soon!

Giorgio Martinez & the team.